Our Story...

Our Sleeping Angels was set up in October 2013 by Lucy and Paul Stephenson after their son, Joseph William Robert, was born slepeing on 10.10.13. This is their story:

Thursday the 10th of October 2013 is a day that will forever be etched in our minds.  What should have been the happiest day of our llives suddenly transformed in to the worst.  At 40+4 weeks pregnant we were both thrilled, and a little nervous, when contractions started at 4:30am and continued to get stronger and closer together.  When the pain became stronger at around 12 noon and we were having 3 contractions in 8 minutes we decided it was time to make our way to hospital.  We packed the car up with everything we would need for labour and made our way to the hospital.  On arrival we made our way to the labour suit and were shown to a private room and started to settle in, looking forward to the next few hours.  It was here when things changed.  The midwife hooked Lucy up to a machine to monitor baby’s movements and heartbeat.  After 10 minutes of struggling to locate the heartbeat, we were transferred to the triage unit and the same process started again, hooked up to a machine and the silent lack of a heartbeat.  All was very silent.  Eventually the head consultant came in and performed an ultrasound on our baby and confirmed our worst fears…Our baby’s heart had stopped beating and he had died.  Shock and disbelief quickly set in as we were transferred to a private labour room and told what would now happen.  We would still have to give birth to our baby boy, only now he would be sleeping.  The next 7 hours went past in a blur of emotion and at 6:06pm our beautiful baby boy, Joseph William Robert Stephenson, was born sleeping weighing 7lb 7oz.  The perfect son; handsome, a good weight and with a full head of hair… only fast asleep.

We were able to spend the next 24 hours with Joseph.  We were able to put his first nappy on and dress him in his first baby grow and hat.  We were provided with a cold cot and a sweet dreams memory box to make some memories and took hundreds of photos to remember our little angel.  Those 24 hours with our son are some of the most precious hours of our lives and we will cherish them forever.

In the next few weeks life seemed to stand still, we were simply getting through each day.  We were inundated with cards, flowers and sympathy from family and friends.  One gift that we found incredibly thoughtful and comforting was a “name a star” memory gift box, giving us the opportunity to name a star after our Sleeping angel.  It is comforting to know that somewhere up in the night sky there is a star named Joseph William Robert Stephenson watching over us.
Our Sleeping Angels was set up to provide other parents with a “name a star” memory gift box, offer any support we can and to raise awareness of this issue.

Paul and Lucy Stephenson.

Joseph William Robert Stephenson - Our Sleeping Angel


7lb 7oz